Hot Racing Axial SCX24 9.5g Brass Kmc Machete Wheel Weights

Article number: SXTF2612H
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Hot Racing front or rear wheel weights for the stock 1.0in KMC Machete wheels on the Axial SCX24


- CNC machined solid brass billet
- 9g each fitted to the wheels to lower the vehicles center of gravity, increase its stability, improve climbing, reduce the chance for flipping backwards, and make for an overall more capable crawler
- Friction fit to inside of KMC Machete wheels. Some CA glue can be used to secure installation
- Can be used either in front of rear, but if you're only getting one pair we recommend using them in the front


- Two (2) 9g brass wheel weights


- Hub: 12mm hex
- For : AXI31615
- Diameter of outer : 21.4mm
- Diameter of inside : 12mm
- Weight: 9.5g/ea
- width: 8mm


- AXI31615 SCX24 KMC Machete wheels
- CA glue can be used to secure weights to wheels
description revised by: SN July 24, 2019

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